New stories about immigrants and the environment (Naturally Immigrants, Special Volume)

From the compilers… Presentation

From the Apocalypse to the possibilities.
New stories about immigrants and the environment

Marco Armiero (EMiGR), Richard Tucker (Michigan University), Sergio Prieto Díaz (Espacio de Estudios Migratorios-EEM)
With this special issue, we have made a call to rethink of the connections linking migration and
the environment. Others are thinking about those connections and there are building their own
narratives. A green-washing of the anti-immigration discourse is advancing in the US, Canada, and
probably will soon reach Europe.

Miradas en Movimiento-Special Volume:
Naturally Immigrants  
January 2012

COMPILERS: Sergio Prieto Díaz (Espacio de Estudios Migratorios), Marco Armiero (EMiGR Network) and Richard Tucker (Michigan University).

Special Volume (complete), download here



Welcome and Presentation of the Special Volume             4


“Some Comments on the Debate “Migration-nexus-Climate Changes”. Continuing with the status quo?”, 

by Sonia Brigite da Rocha Pires                                         6


“Can Improved Circular Migration Programs fit into the Imaginary of a Socially just Sustainable Agriculture?”, 

by Gerda Jónász                                                                  25


“Remaking the Places of Belonging: Arabic Immigrants and the Urban Environment along Sydney’s Georges River”, 

by Heather Goodall                                                              52


“Roessler Vs. Bird Hunters: “Passarinhada” and Ethnic Conflicts in the South of


by Elenita Malta Pereira and Regina Weber                   82


“Climate Change and Emigration: Comparing “Sinking Islands” and Jamaica”, 

by Andrea C. S. Berringer                                                 106


“Hortas urbanas cultivadas por populações caboverdianas na Área Metropolitana de Lisboa: entre a produção de alimentos e as sociabilidades no espaço urbano não legal”, 

by Juliana Torquato Luiz e Sílvia Jorge                        121


“Come Rain or Come Shine: Political Ecology as a Tool to Merge Labor and

Environmental History”, 

by Ethemcan Turhan                                                         137


“Environmental Degradation as a Cause of Migration: Cautionary Tales from Brazil”, 

by Angus Wright                                                                159


“Servitude and Slave Trade: the Case of Bolivian Immigrants who work in Clandestine Textile Workshops of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area”, 

by Alejandro Goldberg                                                   165


Interview with Professor Andrew Baldwin                    176


Interview with Professor Giorgos Kallis                         183


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