International Conference on Environmental History about climate conditions… Lisboa, 5th May 2012

Responses to climate and weather conditions throughout History

5th May 2012

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas,

Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Aiming to go beyond concerns with recent and forthcoming changes in climate conditions which have dominate research in environmental studies, but without excluding them, this conference adopts a long term perspective on living beings adjustment to nature.  Although framed by Environmental History the conference also assumes an holistic vision, establishing a dialogue with other fields of knowledge not only within the Humanities, but also the natural sciences, as Ecology and Biogeography.

Within this interdisciplinary approach, participants will reflect upon responses to weather and climate, as well as upon their consequences over ecological, economic, social and cultural contexts.

The program is organized around four topics: Erosion and population; Imagined landscapes; Space and climate; Human responses to weather – building and praying.

The closing conference addresses the responses to climate change in the XXI century.






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