2 Summers Schools in Environmental History in Europe (deadline 15 and 28 may)

Las dos propuestas 1) San Petersburgo (Rusia; centrada en época moderna y contemporánea urbana) y 2) Flaran (Sur de Francia; centrada en épocas medieval y moderna y rural) acaban el 15 y el 20 de mayo respectivamente y son realmente baratas. Información adicional sigue aquí:

In addition to the summer school in St. Petersburg, Russia (28-31 August 2012Natural Resources: Historical Ideas, Exploration, and Exploitation”) the ESEH will co-sponsor a second summer school at  the Abbey of Flaran, France, from 27 to 30 June 2012. The Flaran summer school will be dedicated to Histoire rurale vs. histoire environnementale? (Rural vs. Environmental History). The convener is Professor Emmanuel Huertas of the University of Toulouse.

The two summer schools are not seen as competitors but as complementary projects that reflect the wide range of research projects covered by ESEH. They will take place in different parts of Europe (south-west/north-east), in different environments (rural/urban) and at different times (June/August). In France, preference will be given to doctoral students and immediate postdocs who speak both French and English and who have worked in medieval or early modern environmental history. The focus will be on methodological issues and the course will be lecture-oriented. By contrast, the St. Petersburg summer school aims to engage doctoral students who work on modern or contemporary history; it will offer multiple lectures but its focus will also be on the discussion of the doctoral projects with peers and experts.

Thanks to the generosity of a number of French sponsors, to a contribution from the Higher School of Economics, and to a private donation to ESEH, we are now happy to announce that accommodation will be free for all successful applicants, and a small stipend (250 Euros in the case of Flaran, a flexible amount for St. Petersburg) is available to cover a part of the travel costs.

The deadline for submissions for both summer schools is fast approaching: 15 May 2012 for the St. Petersburg Summer School, and 28 May 2012 for the Summer School in Flaran.

For more information about both summer schools, please visit the ESEH website @ www.eseh.org or get in touch with the Chair of the Summer School Committee, Dr Dolly Jørgensen: dolly@jorgensenweb.net

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