HALAC Issue about Spanish and Latinamerican Environmental History





Dossier Nuevos Dialogos de Historia Ambiental en España y América, Antonio Ortegas and Pablo Corral (eds.), HALAC. Belo Horizonte, vol. II, num. 2, marzo – agosto 2013.

We are really glad to present you a free and open access content of this issue at the HALAC website: http://www.fafich.ufmg.br/halac/index.php/periodico/issue/view/5

Editorial: Environmental History´s Knowledges in Dialogue: Past and Future, by Pablo CORRAL and Antonio Ortega

Two Centuries of French State Management of the Industrial Pollution, by Geneivève MASSARD-GUILBAUD

On the Environmental Society. An Attempt to Decolonizing the Franquismo and the Developmentalism from Europe, by Pablo CORRAL

Rural community, socioenvironmental conflict, and political organizations in the Galicia of the transition period. The case of “As Encrobas”, 1976-1977, by Daniel LANERO TÁBOAS

History of the Sierra de Cázulas. Private Forest vs. Public Forest. A Comparative Approach, by Nadia MARTÍNEZ ESPINAR

Environmental Perspectives on the Cartography Analysis of Hispanic-Indian’s Areas. Northeast of the Basin of Mexico, by Francisco Antonio RUBIO DURÁN

Francisco B. Cruz: The ‘Prodigal Agriculture’ to Sugarcane Varietal Revolution in Cuba, 1878-1930, by Leida FERNÁNDEZ PRIETO

Sustainable Agrarian Systems and Transitions in the Agrarian Metabolism: Social Inequality, Institutional Changes and Landscape ́s Transformation in Catalonia (1850-2010), by Enric TELLO and Elena GALÁN DEL CASTILLO

Free content here: http://www.fafich.ufmg.br/halac/index.php/periodico/issue/view/5


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