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FCT will open a new call for PhD fellowships early 2018. We would like to invite young researchers willing to develop a PhD to send a motivation letter and a CV to apply for these fellowships.
The research topic that will be addressed in the thesis will be the assessment of the evolution of human pressures in coastal systems in the last decades and their relationships with documented changes in the structure and functioning of these systems, in the Portuguese coast. The work will be developed in CHAM and MARE, and supervised by Cristina Brito and Henrique Cabral.
Candidates should have a MSc degree on Marine Sciences, Environmental Sciences or Social Sciences, good marks and qualifications regarding BSc and MSc degrees and, preferably, published papers in international journals.
The CV and motivation letter should be sent by e-mail ( to until 30 September 2017. Selected candidates will be notified in the first week of October 2017 to than pass to next stage that will be application’s preparation for the FCT call.

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