Calls from NEXTGATe: Dissertation Abstracts and Writing Support Programme 2020-2021

Un programa de ayuda a la escritura de jovenes investigadores se pone en marcha

También una base de datos de tesis sobre historia ambiental

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Dear colleagues,

The Next Generation Action Team of the European Society for Environmental History is delighted to spread the world about its activities and invite you all to take part in them.

As you may know, NEXTGATe’s mission is to strengthen the presence and influence of next generation scholars on the environmental history field in Europe and beyond and to offer a space for discussion and collaboration among junior scholars, but not only.

Attached you will find details about two of our initiatives and how to contact and join us.

1.     Call for Dissertation Abstracts

Have you recently submitted your PhD thesis or passed your viva? Consider to have your research included in the ESEH dissertation database, an online platform accessible through the ESEH website. Besides increasing the visi bility of your research, the database aims to encourage collaborations within the environmental history community.

Do you know colleagues who have just defended their dissertation or passed their PhD viva? Inform them about this call!

In relation to the dissertation database, we are happy to advertise the call for the 2021 Tallinn Dissertation Prize in European Environmental History. This prize aims to support early career environmental history scholars in Europe and those based outside Europe but whose work contributes to European environmental history. Check the call out at this link:

2.     Writing Support Programme 2020-2021

Are you an early career scholar who is finalising a paper or a chapter and you would like to discuss it before submission? Are you a senior scholar who is willing to act as discussant or facilitator? Consider to join the group!

This mentorship programme aims to provide early career scholars with a supportive setting for obtaining focused, hands-on peer feedback on their work. The peer feedback and group discussion push the writing process forward, boost output and, finally yet importantly, strengthen the community of European environmental historians.

Attached you find the open calls.

We would really appreciate if you could circulate these calls through your network.

Thank you for your attention and feel free to contact us in case you may need additional information.

All the best and hope to hear from you!


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