Two postdocs and one PhD Fellow at University of Stavanger, Norway

 I have just advertised two postdocs (two year position) and one PhD fellow (three year position) in environmental history on my new envirotech project “Histories of animals, technological infrastructure, and making more-than-human homes in the modern age” (AtHome), which is funded by the Research Council of Norway and hosted at the University of Stavanger, Norway.
The two postdoctoral fellows are tied to a work package on city birds. One postdoc will focus on technologies and infrastructures that invite animals to be close to people, such as birdhouses and birdfeeders. The other postdoc will focus on technologies and infrastructures intended to keep animals out, such as building spikes, nets and predator kites. While birds must be a central component of the project, the postdoc can choose to include other urban animals as well. There is no geographical restriction. The project can focus on any history within the modern age (from 1800 to today), but note that it must be a historical project. In the project proposal, the candidate should indicate which subproject (inviting in or excluding) they are interested in; it is possible to indicate an interest in both.
The PhD Fellow will be part of the work package on artificial reefs as a technological infrastructure that animals use as homes. The PhD Fellow will identify and analyse debates about artificial reefs made of various materials such as concrete, tires, and subway cars in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In the project proposal (maximum 3 pages), the candidate should outline how the project will be undertaken, with a focus on the geographical area, time period, actors, artificial reef type(s), archives, and other source material that might be used in the PhD thesis.
The deadline for application is November 28, 2021. The anticipated start date for the positions is April 1, 2022 (although this can be negotiated for later in 2022 if necessary).
Please pass on these job ads to any relevant candidates in your networks.
All the best,
Dolly Jørgensen
Professor of History
University of Stavanger
Twitter @DollyJorgensen

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