Environmental history in lusophone countries (March 2012)

I am putting together a workshop on Environmental History in
Lusophone countries (Portugal, Brasil, Mozambique, Angola, Guiné
Bissau, Timor Leste, São Tomé and Príncipe), to be held in Coimbra
(PT) in the last week of  March 2012, hopefully with support from the
Portuguese Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. I would appreciate
any suggestions on possible  speakers and/or prospective participants.
Graduate students in  advanced stages of their dissertations are
particularly welcome. The  workshop will be in Portuguese and English,
and we plan to publish the proceedings shortly after. Anyone
interested in participating, or willing to help, may contact me at:

Stefania Barca

Stefania Barca
Centro de Estudos Sociais
Universidade de Coimbra
Colégio S. Jerónimo
Largo D. Dinis
3001-401 Coimbra, PT
00351 239 855595

European Society for Environmental History (ESEH)

Digital Archives in Aragón


de Historia Ambiental de Aragón (1) y (2) y Archivo Fotográfico Andalán

Subvencionado por:

Este Archivo forma parte de la contribución de nuestro Centro al fondo documental con que cuenta en su sede la asociación cultural Rolde de Estudios Aragoneses (REA), y en el que constan, además de contenidos propios, otros materiales a los que ha podido acceder patrocinando o promoviendo investigaciones. Dichos fondos se componen de material documental variado (revistas, libros, fotografías, documentos de diferentes colectivos culturales, sociales y políticos…) en cuanto a soportes y ámbitos de estudio, creación e investigación.

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An autobiography obout Spanish Environmental Movements History

Pedro Costa Morata, a pioner of green movement in Spain present his autobiography at Lorca (Spain). He was an engineer of nuclear energy and when Franco tried to install a nuclear plant in his village he reconsidered is vocation. Actually, he is an expert —as he confessed— of the environment (Spanish Regional Governments, International Organizations, etc.) and an environmental journalist and writer.

Stories about Nuclear Plants, Green Energies, Social Protest, Eco-pessimism and other from 1973.

VIDEO, Youtube, 48′


On censorship

Carmè Molinero claims again for open access on Spanish Archives. She describes in an article, recently published in Ayer –the Journal of the Spanish Contemporary Association–, how documentary censorship affects even now to our work. The evidence of a number of publications about the Spanish Dictatorship should be revisited, because censorship only affects this period by law. You can download the article free here [in Spanish].

Sección española de la Sociedad Europea de Historia Ambiental / Secção espanhola da Sociedade Européia de História Ambiental